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Ready to start a new chapter in your book of life?  

Well, let me help you get started on putting together the required information and documentation to make your transition successful. Like all major undertakings, it is best to preview the entire program and then, start chipping away at it, a little bit at a time.  

In general, it can take up to 90 days for a thorough out-processing. However, it is often done in as little as 30 days. Start as soon as possible, and relax; this too shall pass. 

Below are some links and basic information for you to use. Things often change... this is not intended to be an official set of actions, just a simple guideline of helpful things to consider doing.  

2. Review the forms needed on the "FERS COVER SHEET CHECKLIST Rev 2-15." Not all forms are needed; it depends on the person's individual situation. The blank forms are in "1. FERS Retirement Package NOV 2015" 

3. Other useful background reading: - Prospective Retirees - Information for Prospective Retirees - Medicare Employee Handout - ID cards - MyPay Online Brochure 032010 Determining what is needed and useful depends on the individuals. For example: Are they using FEHB? Are they already under Medicare? Are they former military?, etc... See items listed at the bottom! 

Finally, all the paperwork goes to HR in Camp Humphreys and then to DLA in the US. DLA will need actual paper copies of the documents so it takes a week via US Post Office to get it there.

We discovered the DLA contact who was very willing to review an email or fax version of the documents and provide guidance on needed changes.  

After making the changes we mailed the paper copies to them via USPS. Otherwise it would take a week to get there,a week to get it back for corrections, and a third week to return the corrected copy. Previewing it via email or fax could save a month's time. 

So what happens once the paper packet makes it to DLA?  

This is the typical response from DLA: 

"Congratulations on your decision to retire! The DLA Benefits office has received your original retirement application and I will be your retirement specialist during this process." "I have completed an initial review of your application and everything looks good!" "I will complete my portion of the retirement package and forward that to DFAS. 

The soonest I can send your packet forward to DFAS is 30 days prior toy our retirement. DFAS will then hold the package until the pay period in which you retire is over. At that time, they will close out your pay and your leave record and forward the package to OPM for final adjudication. " 

"Once OPM receives the retirement package, you will be placed in an interim pay status. You will remain in an interim pay status until OPM adjudicates your retirement. While on interim pay, you will receive roughly 60-75% of what we have quoted you on the retirement estimate, with only federal taxes being withheld. 

Once OPM adjudicates your retirement, they will make up any payments owed to you minus deductions missed for health and/or life insurance (if applicable)." "After retirement, you will receive a package from me, which will include your SF 50, Notification of Personnel Action, and a copy of the retirement package I sent forward. " 

"I have attached to this email some helpful information to review in regards to the retirement process and things to consider after you retire." 

"I will contact you again if I run into any issues processing your application; in the meantime, I will be your point of contact so if you have questions please let me know." 

POC ----- Amy L. Thompson Human Resources Specialist DLA Human Resources Services DLA Benefits Center  

Phone: 614-692-0217Fax: 614-693-1674 

 *Instructions for using EBIS: 

Overview.pdf *Request for Retirement Estimates: 

(CAC Card is required)  

Documents and Information Sheets - Click on the item. 

FERS Retire Pkg


1.) Accelerated Post Allowance - submit to CSR/Payroll via GSD ticket    

2.) Friendly Reminder - do not need

3.) Pre-departure TQSA - do not need

4.) outprocessing checklist - do not need 5.)Address change - you can change your mailing address in your MyPay: or submit a GSD ticket to payroll along with the change of address form.