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This page will provide basic information that will hopefully make your transition to Korea smooth and enjoyable. If you have questions that are not addressed, do not hesitate to let me know. I will do my best for you and your family.  

        SUGGESTED THINGS TO DO       (once you have obtained a hotel or billeting.)

1. Secure your Letter of Employment (LOE) from the Front Office.

2. Secure your CaC card (Identification Card) and have it updated via DBIDs.

3. Secure your SOFA Stamp.

                The items list above will allow your movement on and off base.

4. Contact a realtor for long term housing and a car insurance agent for coverage (if applicable.)

5. Process the HR items via the Online Employee Access website (DAPS, EBIS, MyPAY, TOPS, etc...)

6. Meet with your academic area Department Head for course expectations, standards, etc...

7. Meet with the school's Educational Technologist to assist you with ASPEN and GRADESPEED.

8. Study for and take the Korean Driving License Test (for your ROK driver's license.)

9. Familiarize yourself with the support services on base (USO, ITT, Hobby Shop, various clubs, etc...)

10. HAVE FUN... Korea is a dynamic place to work and live...make the most of your time here!

     INFORMATION is just a click away!

If you need additional information, please contact Doc Holley directly.