Doc Holley's

 Ronnie Lynn Holley


Curricular Vitae  

Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholarship Award Recipient

Fulbright-Hayes Scholarship Award Recipient

National Endowment for the Humanities Awards Recipient

   (Harvard University, Columbia University, College of William & Mary)

Honorary State Representative - State of Louisiana, USA

NATO Non-Article 5 Medal for ISAF "Operation Enduring Freedom" Afghanistan

         Academic Levels and Areas of Certification

COLLEGE Level Courses:

Advanced Placement English Language & Composition (Grades 11-12)

Advanced Placement World History (Grades 10-12)

Advanced Placement Art History (Grades 10-12)

Advanced Placement United States History (Grades 10-12)

SECONDARY High School and Middle School Level Courses:

Social Studies Composite (Grades 7-12)

English as a Second Language (Grades 7-12)

English Language Arts Composite (Grades 7-12)

Humanities / Psychology / Sociology (Grades 9-12)

PRIMARY Elementary School Level Courses:

Elementary Comprehensive (Grades 1-6)

English as a Second Language (Grades 1-6)


        Letters of Reference and Recommendation


With years of experience as a professional educator, having taught and conducted various classes, training sessions, and workshops in domestic and international, public and private, education institutions and other wide-ranging organizations including businesses, military communities, and international corporations, I have a proven skillset and track record of success. I am knowledgeable and experienced in creating, implementing, and directing successful education programs, for all levels and types of learners in content areas across the curriculum of academia and for business professionals throughout the world.  

I understand the need to identify learning goals and organizational objectives, to understand the challenges that must be overcome in order to succeed in various endeavors. I understand the need to identify the best learning styles of all types of learners, the need to match academic activities to their appropriate levels of abilities and interests, and to ensure assessments are true indicators of mastery of content knowledge and related skills.

If you are willing to succeed in your goals of improving content knowledge, developing critical thinking skills, enhancing your ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize, ... if your end goal is to obtain a high level of competence in oral and written English language communication or key concepts within the field of Social Sciences, I am willing, ready and able to serve you and/or your organization.   

Education is a two-way street; it requires diligent effort in both learning and teaching. A positive, teamwork attitude contributes greatly to the success of both the learner and the teacher. I offer you a level of professionalism and enthusiasm coupled with a genuine, personal commitment that guarantees success.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you, individually, or as a dedicated team member, to earn your trust and to deliver to you the highest professional, academic services.  

Thank you for visiting my website.

Doc Holley